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10Tips To Select the Perfect Domain for Your Business Website

So, you have finally made the decision to build your website and pick a domain for it. It seems like you’re taking this seriously – fantastic choice! We completely understand the confusion you might be feeling right now. As a web development company, we often hear from clients who tell us that selecting a domain name for a business website is more challenging than for a personal one. Some even decide to leave it to the hands of experts. Well, worry not! We have got you covered to ensure you don’t face that initial challenge.

In this blog, we will share 10 tips to help you choose a great domain for your business website. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

1) Why Is It Necessary To Choose The Right Domain Name?

2) How To Select The Perfect Domain Name for Your Business (10 Tips)

3) Conclusion

4) Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Necessary To Choose The Right Domain Name?

Your domain name gives reflection of your business to your visitors even before they click on your website.  It’s not just a combination of letters and dots; it’s the very essence of your online existence and identity. 

And here is a little secret: a memorable domain doesn’t just make you look good to your visitors; but it is also appreciated by search engines. Search engines love clear, concise, and relevant  domain names. So, if you want to rank high on results, your domain needs to be LIKED and LOVED by search engines.

How To Select The Perfect Domain Name for Your Business (10 Tips)

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Now, let’s get down to business – how do you choose a domain that’s as awesome as your business? Steal 10 tips from our web development company:

Domain name should be memorable

A domain for a business website should be short, sweet and something people can remember easily. For example []. It will make you stand out.

Dot what?

Consider the Extension, while everyone knows .com (and it’s the most trusted one). There are a lot of extensions out there. Think, .net or even .pizza (if you are into that). Choose an extension that fits your business style – just avoid the weird ones unless.

Keep it simple

Long and complicated domains are like trying to untangle headphone wires – frustrating and unnecessary. Go for something short and straightforward. The average length of a name with a .com extension is 13.5 characters.

Add your business personality

Your business website domain is like your online personality. Make sure it reflects the vibe of your business. Are you sleek and professional or quirky and fun? Let your domain shout your personality.

Check mobile-friendliness

Everyone’s glued to their phones these days. Your domain should be easy to type on a phone keyboard. Imagine trying to type a Shakespearean sonnet with your thumbs – not fun.

Say it loud

Your domain should sound cool when you say it out loud. Imagine introducing your business domain at a party. If it sounds awkward, maybe reconsider.

Strictly no numbers or hyphens

Numbers and hyphens  just make things messy. Also they are hard to remember for your customers. Stick to letters and keep it clean and simple.

Try a domain name generator

Ever get stuck trying to think of the perfect web address? It happens to the best of us. Here a domain name generator comes in handy. IThese tools can give you lots of cool and unexpected ideas.

See shareability for social media

In today’s world, we are all about sharing on social media. When you are choosing a domain for your business website, Think…How easy it is to share. Can you fit it into a tweet? Does it look good on Instagram? A shareable domain makes it easy for people to talk about your business online, and that’s a good thing.

Try adding targeted keywords

SEO might sound complicated, but it’s basically about befriends with search engines like Google. One way to do that is by adding some important words related to your business into your domain. These are words that people might type into Google when looking for something like what you offer. So, by adding them to your domain, you’re helping Google find your website more easily.


So, choose a domain that resonates with your business and makes you stand out in the crowded search engines. Now, with these tips, go ahead and choose the best website domain with confidence! And if you are in need of expert guidance in the website building process consider reaching out to our team at your friendly neighbourhood web development company in Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Can I change my website domain later?

You cannot change the existing one but you can definitely get a new one. But we would suggest not to unless it’s absolutely necessary.

2) What if my desired domain is taken?

3) Does the domain extensions really matter?