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10 Creative Ways to Display eCommerce Products

Crafting a captivating display for high-end online stores poses its own set of challenges. Yet, when they succeed in showcasing their products in a truly appealing manner, it works wonders. It not only persuades customers to hit that ‘buy’ button but also slashes the necessity for hefty marketing expenses. Essentially, when products are presented in a manner that grabs attention and tantalizes potential buyers, it’s a win-win. Sales soar, and the reliance on pricey advertising and promotions diminishes. So, ensuring that the product display is nothing short of exceptional is pivotal for eCommerce triumph, and it all begins with rock-solid eCommerce web development.

Table of contents

1. Create thematic categories

Imagine strolling into a clothing store where everything is jumbled up like a messy closet. You’re on the hunt for the perfect dress, but all you can see are shoes scattered among the tops and pants. It’s enough to make anyone feel frustrated! That’s why organizing products into clear, thematic categories is so important. Just like organizing your closet at home, it makes browsing a breeze. Dresses in one section, shoes in another – it’s like a roadmap to fashion paradise! With everything neatly arranged, shoppers can easily find what they’re looking for without the headache of searching through a chaotic mess.

2. Treat your copy like an elevator pitch

Think of your product descriptions as the ultimate sales pitch, delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. You’ve got a tiny window to grab attention and make shoppers see why they absolutely need that product. So, it’s all about packing a punch with the key features and benefits, using language that’s clear and straight to the point. No room for fluff or fancy jargon here – just the good stuff that makes shoppers go, “Yes, this is exactly what I need!”

3. Focus on experience

It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about selling an experience – a slice of life that’s better with your product in it. Imagine flipping through a magazine and stumbling upon photos that instantly transport you to a world where that product is part of your everyday bliss. That’s the magic of using high-quality images that not only show the product from every angle but also paint a picture of how it fits seamlessly into your life. Whether it’s a cozy sweater keeping you warm on a chilly evening or a sleek gadget making your daily tasks a breeze, let those images tell the story of how your product enhances life’s moments.

4. Bundle complementary products

Picture this: it’s like putting together the perfect gift basket, but for your customers. By strategically bundling complementary products and offering them at a discounted price, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Not only does it tempt customers to splurge a little more, but it also introduces them to new goodies they might not have discovered otherwise. It’s like saying, “Hey, why not try this with that? You might just love it!” So, it’s all about spreading the joy of discovery while giving customers a sweet deal they can’t resist.

5. Remember: Less is more

Think of your product pages like a clean, tidy room – clutter-free and inviting. Just like how too much stuff can overwhelm your space, bombarding visitors with cluttered product pages can leave them feeling lost in a sea of information. Instead, keep it simple and focused. Show off clear visuals that let the product shine, pair them with concise descriptions that get straight to the point, and sprinkle in those essential details that shoppers need to know. It’s all about creating a seamless browsing experience where every click feels like a breath of fresh air.

6. Recommend better

Think of it like having your own personal shopping assistant who knows your tastes inside and out. Instead of just throwing out generic “You might also like” suggestions, we dive deep into your browsing history and preferences to offer recommendations that truly match your style. It’s like having someone whisper in your ear, “Hey, based on what you’ve been eyeing, you might adore this too!” This personalized touch not only makes your shopping experience feel tailor-made but also opens the door to discovering new favorites you might not have found on your own. So, it’s all about creating those meaningful connections and making every click feel like a delightful surprise.

7. Use customer reviews

Think of customer reviews as your best friend vouching for you. They’re like little nuggets of trust and credibility that reassure potential buyers they’re making the right choice. So, just like how you’d eagerly share a great find with your friends, we encourage satisfied customers to spread the love by leaving reviews. And when those glowing reviews are proudly showcased on our product pages, it’s like having a chorus of happy voices saying, “Yep, this is totally worth it!” It’s that extra push that turns hesitant shoppers into confident buyers, all thanks to the power of positive feedback from real people like you.

8. Make your CTAs fun

Think of it like giving your customers a friendly nudge in the right direction. Instead of leaving them scratching their heads wondering what to do next, we make it crystal clear with calls to action that practically whisper, “Hey, you’re gonna want to click this!” We use powerful verbs that practically leap off the screen and keep them front and center, so you can’t miss them. Forget about bland “Add to Cart” buttons – we’re all about inviting you to “Experience Comfort Now!” It’s like having a helpful guide pointing you towards the best part of the adventure, making your shopping journey feel more like a thrilling discovery than a chore.

9. Sway them with videos and AR experiences

Imagine stepping into a virtual showroom where every product comes to life right before your eyes. With high-quality videos and, if it fits, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, we’re bringing the showroom to you. It’s like having a personal demo right at your fingertips, letting you see the product in action and truly understand how it works. And with AR, you can even “try before you buy,” virtually placing the product in your own space to see how it fits seamlessly into your life. It’s not just shopping – it’s a whole new way to experience and connect with the things you love.

10. Offer a downloadable product sheet

Think of it like having a cheat sheet for your favorite subject – except this time, it’s all about your favorite products. For those who crave a deeper dive into the nitty-gritty details, we offer downloadable product sheets. It’s like having a handy reference guide that you can tuck into your virtual backpack and pull out whenever you need it. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or just someone who likes to have all the facts at your fingertips, these product sheets have got you covered. It’s all about catering to your needs and making sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision, whenever and wherever you are.


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